Take a Virtual Tour of the Faroe Islands With a Local in Real Time

You'll join a local guide online as they explore their homeland on foot or horseback.

Remote Tourism to the Faroe Islands
Photo: Courtesy of Visit Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands, a remote nation set halfway between Iceland and Norway is now open for (virtual) tourism. And no, this isn’t just another 360-video experience.

The Faroe Islands launched a first of its kind virtual travel experience that allows virtual travelers to visit the islands from anywhere and see it all from a local’s perspective — and it’s all done live.

The new Faroe Islands travel site will allow visitors to explore the destination’s gorgeous natural landscapes from mountains to waterfalls, traditional grass-roofed houses, and its stunning coast all via the perspective of its residents.


Here’s how it works:

Participating locals will be equipped with a live video camera so they can show off all their favorite places, along with a joypad allowing them to turn, walk, run, and jump.

“Just like a real-life computer game, the main player will control the moves of the Faroese islanders, who will not only explore locations on foot, on horseback or by boat but will also take to the skies by helicopter, giving the virtual visitors a bird’s eye perspective on this beautiful island nation’s steep grassy slopes, its 80,000 sheep, its endless seascapes and its unspoiled, wild and natural countryside,” the Faroe Islands explained in a statement.

Faroe Islands Remote Tourism
Kirstin Vang / Visit Faroe Islands Visit Faroe Islands

Virtual visitors taking part will each take turns at the controls for one minute each, however, there is no limit on the number of people who can watch and listen to each tour.

The tours will run once or twice a day from April 15 to the end of the month. The Visit Faroe Islands tourist board team will also be online in real-time on Instagram and Facebook Live to answer any questions participants may have about the tours.

Ready to take part? Check out the Remote Tours website now and take control of your next virtual vacation.

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