Four high-end adventures to make learning (and maybe even your kids) way more interesting.

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Theme parks might be good for a thrill, but today’s best kid-oriented trips pair entertainment with enrichment and bring schoolwork to life while keeping parents happy.

If You Have 1 Week

Try Adventures By Disney for a road trip through Austria, Germany, and the Czech Republic.

See one of the oldest clocks in the world in Prague, learn about court life during the Hapsburg Empire in Vienna, and tour the dungeons of a 12th-century Bavarian castle. Overnight stays are in top hotels with pools, and coach rides between destinations might feature offbeat historical anecdotes along with a guide’s personal recollections of the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989.

Adults from $5,099, children from $4,849;

Family Travel
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If You Have 2 Weeks

Try Paris Perfect for a serviced luxury apartment in the City of Light and private guided tours.

Experience the cultural highlights of Paris and see the places that played a role in the city’s rich history. With local experts to lead the way, you can explore the sites of the French Revolution, bike the gardens of Versailles, take a day trip to the beaches of Normandy, or brush up on your conversational French while sipping chocolat chaud at a historic café.

Two-bedroom rentals from $252 per night; custom tours from $212 for four;

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If You Have 4 Weeks

Try Remote Lands for Mandarin language immersion in China.

Practice Chinese daily with a bilingual teacher while touring the country. “You can’t go to classes for eight hours a day,” says Remote Lands founder Catherine Heald. “It’s much better to visit multiple cities and learn the language while also learning about Chinese culture, history, and lifestyle.” Flights, meals, drivers, and guides are all taken care of, as are off-the-beaten-path experiences, such as entry to a secret room in Beijing’s Forbidden City or lunch with a farmer at his home in Guilin—which leaves plenty of time for your kids to show off their growing vocabularies over hot-pot dinners.

One-month trips for a family of four from $45,000 (or $400 per person, per day);

Family Travel
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If You Have 52 Weeks

Try Small World Travel to go country-hopping with a custom curriculum.

Travel the globe on an educational trip with a specific theme, such as retracing the paths of great explorers or visiting endangered monuments. Small World will handle your itinerary, house rentals, guides, excursions, and lessons. Wait until the kids are in middle school, then plan early (18 months in advance is ideal), pack light, and don’t buy a round-the-world ticket—too inflexible. “Most families want to miss winter, spend more time in cities, and see Africa, Antarctica, and the Galápagos when the season is right,” says owner Samantha McClure.

Twelve-month trips for a family of four from $10,000 per week;