Baby on board gets a whole new meaning.

By Talia Avakian
March 07, 2017
Credit: © Travel As They Grow

When husband and wife Terry and Jennifer Constant realized their daily jobs were keeping them from getting to watch their newborn son grow, they decided to quit their jobs, sell their house, buy a motorhome, and travel the world together.

The trio has been journeying through Spain's "snow cap mountains, forests, secret beaches, and incredibly cosmopolitan cities" since January, all within their roughly 20-foot-long motorhome.

Credit: © Travel As They Grow

Terry and Jennifer had both been avid backpackers back in university together, spending three years traveling the world, and decided that this would not only help them avoid high nursery fees, but it would be the best way to get to spend time with their son.

“I had to pay for someone else to look after my son, while I continued to stare out of the window at work wishing the day away until I could pick up my little boy, in order to basically just put him to bed on a daily basis,” Jennifer told Travel + Leisure.

“I just thought there must be more to life than this,” she added.

That’s why the duo decided to sell their four-bedroom home in England and swap it for a motorhome instead, taking their 15-month-old toddler to see stunning locations around the globe.

Credit: © Travel As They Grow

“There’s nothing like the feeling of packing up your life, clearing out the unnecessary, and starting a new chapter,” Terry wrote on their blog, Travel As They Grow. “The world is out there for us to see, and what better way to watch our little one grown up?"

Credit: © Travel As They Grow

But taking on a nomadic lifestyle with a toddler is no easy feat, which is why the family has some tips on making the experience smoother.

They recommend planning only one major activity or city visit per day and driving no longer than two hours at a time, since you want to ensure your baby has enough time to rest.

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They also suggest bringing a highchair for dinners and for playtime activities and using websites like Search For Sites to make finding free overnight camping a breeze.

Finally, you'll want make sure you have enough water in the tank of your motorhome, as you don’t want to run out mid-shower.

To ensure Ethan is able to play and interact with other children, the couple has also been volunteering throughout their travels.

They are currently planning to head to Portugal before touring through more of Europe in the summer and heading to Africa in the fall.

Credit: © Travel As They Grow

"Life is so precious and time is worth so much more than money," Jennifer said. "Watching your baby grow up in a relaxed environment, traveling the globe, is one of the best preschool educations you can offer."