Grab a tissue.

By Erika Owen
August 09, 2016
Mother Takes Daughter Who Losing Her Vision on an Epic 'Sightseeing' Tour
Credit: Getty Images

Six-year-old Cailee Herrell, who lives in Phoenix, Arizona, has a genetic disorder called familial exudative vitreoretinopathy that will cause her to lose her vision early in life.

So her mother, Catrina Frost, is doing everything she can to help her daughter see some of the world's most beautiful sights before that happens.

By creating a “sightseeing” bucket list, the mother and daughter have been able to take a number of trips together, from meeting Cailee's favorite Disney princess at Disneyland (Belle) to a beach trip in California.

They've got many more stops on their list, including various cooking classes, attending New York Fashion Week, catching a live performance of The Nutcracker and a visit to California's redwood forests. There's a GoFundMe page currently raising money for the duo to mark a few more spots off of Cailee's bucket list.

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