No, Snow White can not have a smile.

It’s been said that one should never meet their heroes.

They will, inevitably, fail to live up to expectations or prove themselves to be wildly different than their work. The entire experience will do nothing but trigger philosophical questions.

Kaylin clearly knew this before going to Disney World and yet everyone seemed insistent on making her come face-to-face with Snow White.

While sitting down for a simple lunch of macaroni and cheese, Kaylin was accosted by the princess. “Can you smile with me?” Snow White asked Kaylin. “Can I see a smile?”

She could not.

Kaylin buried her gaze in her bowl of macaroni and cheese and then stared off into the distance with a look of existential dread. And although there is no way of knowing Kaylin’s exact thoughts in that moment, it’s most likely that her mind was reeling with questions. Why was Snow White so desperate to get a photo? Where were her animal friends? Is it possible that, in the most magical place on earth, Snow White herself was longing for something more?

Kaylin didn’t budge from her stone-faced stance until somebody called her full name. Only then did she turn away from Snow White and her plethora of unanswered questions.

Also: Children get tired easily and macaroni and cheese is always better than meeting a stranger. Always.