"Taking time out to travel as a family is the greatest gift you can give each other."

By Stacey Leasca
July 12, 2017
Credit: Rialba Studio

The very thought of a family vacation can send most parents into a tizzy.

There’s the planning, the packing, and the inevitable meltdown by one or multiple children along the way. It can seem so overwhelming that you simply throw up your hands and forget the idea of hopping on a plane to a new destination with your entire brood.

But, as one family of four is proving over and over again, travel, even to far-flung destinations, does not have to stop once you have children.

Credit: Courtesy of y Travel Blog

Caz and Craig Makepeace, a married couple from Australia, recently told TODAY that over the last 16 years they have visited 52 countries and lived in five. Moreover, their lust for adventure didn’t stop with the arrival of either of their daughters. They simply took Kalyra, now 9, and Savannah, now 5, along for the ride.

Credit: Courtesy of y Travel Blog
Credit: Courtesy of y Travel Blog

“Take it from us, travel does not have to stop once you have kids, and taking time out to travel as a family is the greatest gift you can give each other,” the pair wrote on their blog.

The family shares their adventures on their blog, Y Travel, and social media channels, but more than that they also share advice to help other families see the world while avoiding tantrums.

Their in-depth guides include “17 tips for flying with kids,” which explains how to be prepared, have patience, and how to train your kids for aviation travel. Another guide, “15 travel safety tips for kids,” provides insights into travel insurance and common risk factors like heat, food illness, and more.

"We started the blog because we want to show you that you can do it, too," Caz told TODAY. "It's about believing, taking risks, taking opportunities, and making things happen."

Caz, a former elementary school teacher, further explained that he homeschools his children while the family is on the road.

"I feel quite comfortable with homeschooling the girls, but having said that I think any parent can do [it]," Caz said. "Kids also learn so much from travel experiences."

Though the family admits they’ve had some setbacks along the way, they say in the end having the patience to do it has made it all worth it.

Check out their site for more age-specific travel tips, advice on saving while on the road, all the gear you may need while adventuring with kids, and more.