“I wanted us to have the opportunity to learn about the world from experience rather than books."

World School
Credit: Sarah Blaine ©

Two parents are taking their daughters out of public school for a year to go to “world school.”

Sarah Blaine is a former high school teacher and current attorney who is a vocal advocate against the Common Core State Standards in schools. She is also the mother of two daughters, Elizabeth and Julianna, who will spend their 2nd and 7th grade years traveling around the world.

“I wanted us to have the opportunity to learn about the world from experience rather than books,” Blaine told the Washington Post. “I wanted our kids to understand that their view of life is very much shaped by their community and family circumstances, and to deepen their empathy for people whose life experiences are different from their own.”

So, after spending much time developing a curriculum and corresponding itinerary, the Blaine family will leave in July to spend a year learning on the road.

The itinerary will take the family on a five-month RV journey throughout the U.S. and Canada, leaving from their home in New Jersey. They will go home for their oldest daughter’s Bat Mitzvah and to celebrate Thanksgiving with family.

World School
Credit: Sarah Blaine ©

From there, the family will go on an international journey starting in Australia and New Zealand, then to Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Laos, then to India and Israel and finally ending the trip in Europe.

Blaine said they chose the destinations to enhance the curriculum, selected (in part) based on New Jersey home-schooling requirements. The children will learn history, geography, writing, budgeting, literature, environmental science, and writing skills while on the road. Blaine is also in communication with her daughter’s teachers to ensure that they will not have missed any major lessons by the time they rejoin their classes the following year.

The entire family will be writing about the experience as it happens on their blog, Blaine Voyage.