Science of Travel Exhibit, Brooklyn Museum (boats)
Credit: Brooklyn Children's Museum

It’s the middle of February. In the dead of winter. In New York City. Finding an activity for my kids that we haven’t done, to paraphrase my son, “One-hundred times already,” has become a desperate scenario. When you live in a two-bedroom apartment with twin 5-year-old boys, it’s all about survival. Thankfully, I’ve got my plan for the weekend. The Brooklyn Children’s Museum has just opened a new exhibition, which as a travel editor, I’m especially excited about. From Here to There explores the science of travel by land, sea, and air, with 12 interactive galleries. Your kids can launch a boat across a windy lake, learn how combustion engines power trains, and even heat up a hot air balloon. I’ll dream of it taking us all to Mexico.

Clara Sedlak is a Special Projects Editor at Travel + Leisure.