Lightweight, compact, sturdy, and foldable: This stroller is a traveler's dream come true.

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BabyZen YOYO Stroller
Credit: Courtesy of Neiman Marcus [edited]

Babies come with stuff. A lot of stuff.

And when you travel, that basically multiples by a thousand. It feels like you have to pack up the kid’s whole life and fit it all into a teeny tiny suitcase that you then have to lug through the airport along with the adorable 16 pounds of kicking baby who just wants to chew on every available surface (your passport included).

There's the bottles, the sterilized water, the outfits that inevitably get thrown up on, peed on, and changed multiple times a day. And don’t forget the big ticket items like a portable crib that has to be marched over to the oversize baggage claim area.

So literally anything that made traveling with my adorable 7-month-old nephew through Italy for Christmas week easier was worth its weight in gold. Enter the Babyzen YOYO+ stroller, a chic, French-designed lifesaver. While it's a bit pricey at just under $500, this compact, lightweight, and sturdy stroller might be the best travel stroller there is. You can even fold it up in one easy swoop.

BabyZen YOYO Stroller
Credit: Courtesy of Neiman Marcus

Shuffling through the Vatican a few days after Christmas, my brother-in-law didn’t bat an eye as he folded up and slung it over his shoulder with the built-in strap like a big purse. Folded accordion style, it was barely recognizable as a stroller and made going in and out of tight spaces a breeze.

One of the best parts of Tuscany is its snug restaurants, romantic and dimly lit. The best spots are often tucked away on cobblestone side streets with menus on worn, yellowed paper, and can be a squeeze to get into. So when the whole family of eight sidled into a trattoria with one hallway so narrow we had to go single-file, wheeling the stroller wasn't really an option. Sipping on a silky bean soup with ditalini pasta as my family passed around a bottle of house red wine, I looked over at the stroller folded inconspicuously in the corner. Che facile!

And the airport, invariably the hardest part of traveling with my nephew, was made just a little less hectic by not having to gate check a bulky stroller. Minutes before boarding, my sister whisked the baby out of the seat and deftly folded the stroller in about five seconds flat, almost like a circus juggling act without the applause. She slipped it into a thin bag and raised it into the overhead bins as I watched, amazed it was slimmer than any carry-on I’ve ever tried to stuff up there.

Not to mention, people who have the stroller love it. Sitting in a high-end shop on Milan’s Via Montenapoleone, the Christmas lights strung outside and glittering, my whole family was engaged in a gush fest with the sales woman about how amazing the YOYO+ was. She, of course, had one too, and couldn't imagine traveling without it.

Whether it's traipsing through centuries-old monuments, traversing the bumpy roads of hilly towns, or just trying to get through a flight with a little less hassle, any family traveling with little ones needs one of these versatile strollers.