Family-Friendly Restaurants in Quebec City
Credit: Simon Carignan/Nina Pizza Napolitaine Philip Scalia / Alamy

Good experiences are often taken for granted, so it’s only when I started traveling as a new parent that I discovered not all destinations are created equal when it comes to welcoming families. From unsafe transportation options to death stares in restaurants, I’ve already had enough bad experiences to fine-tune my family’s radar—and conclude that my hometown is resolutely kid-friendly. With an easily walkable city center, many festivals and attractions that welcome families, and facilities that make parents’ lives easier, there are very few places in Quebec City, if any, that are off limits to kids. Parents don’t need to make sacrifices at mealtime either: kids can eat at our best restaurants, as most are equipped with high chairs, booster seats, changing tables, and kids’ menus. The following restaurants are not typical family restaurants, but rather are places that serve excellent food parents will enjoy, to which they can also bring their kids, knowing the children will fit right in and love it as much as they do.

Café du Monde

This large Old Port restaurant on the second floor of the cruise terminal boasts the neighborhood’s best view over the river. With the casual and rowdy atmosphere of a Parisian bistro, the Café du Monde is the kind of restaurant that seems to fit every occasion, from lunch en tête-à-tête to weekend brunch with the family. The menu features reliable bistro dishes and decadent desserts, while the brunch menu is especially elaborate.

Chez Victor Saint-Paul

This burger joint, which started with just one location in the Upper Town, has grown to a popular local chain with outposts all over the city. The creative burger list includes many vegetarian options, and all plates are served with a mountain of fries (or salad, if you prefer). Feeling daring? Try the breakfast poutines, which provide enough fuel to walk the whole city.

Nina Pizza Napolitaine

Cosmos Café

Cosmos Café is a restaurant with many personalities: family-friendly brunches, business lunches, dynamic cocktail hours, and late-night dinners all happen at this Grande-Allée icon. Dishes are generous and daily specials offer an excellent value. A wide choice of homemade desserts are served in enormous portions.

La Petite Boîte Vietnamienne

Just off the tourist path in the Lower Town, this unassuming restaurant is led by a young chef who crafted a menu inspired by Vietnamese, Thai, and Japanese flavors. Hearty soups, healthy salads, and stir-fries are made with fresh ingredients and addictive “secret” sauces and broths. An affordable option to enjoy on site or as take out.