“Excusez-moi Maman, pain au chocolat s’il vous plaît?” Even 3 year olds can fall in love with Paris. But taking our twin boys with us always seemed a bit daunting. Now, a new kids-program on the other side of the pond is offering to transform our enfants terribles into mini-artistes.

Le Royal Monceau, Raffles Paris has launched an incredible new kids program Le Petit Royal(I’m tempted to sign up myself!). At its center are workshops run by professional artists who teach kids all about art and French style—and each one is linked to a major cultural event in the city.

The first class is on cubist Georges Braque, who has an exhibition at the Grand Palais, in September. Next up? Pop artist Roy Lichenstein on view at the Centre Pompidou (October). Then there’s Pablo Picasso, in honor of the reopening of his namesake museum in November. Along with all this, there are movie screenings, pizza-making classes, DJ lessons, treasure hunts, and, my favorite part, gifts and accessories from the coveted French kidswear line BONPOINT.

Clara Sedlak is the special projects editor at Travel + Leisure.