Oftentimes, we as travellers trust big name brands for our accommodations abroad. We believe that if a company has a reputation to uphold, they will provide with timeless and impeccable service. But sometimes, having a mom-and-pop feel to a hotel is what really makes a guestroom feel like your room.

Villa Sagramoso Sacchetti in Verona, for example, is a family-owned, historic villa packed with heirloom antiques, which opened recently in the countryside about ten kilometers from town. The property is the former home of two aristocratic sisters who now run the place and personally welcome guests with fruit juice, drinks and tourist information on arrival.

The sprawling grounds include a small outdoor pool and frescoed reception rooms. A fresh breakfast is provided with local produce in the antiques-packed dining hall. The sisters are again on hand, personally serving breakfast to their guests. Rooms are spacious, affordable, and simple- meaning there are no flat screen televisions or minibars to distract you from Verona’s gorgeous scenery.

Maria Pedone is a digital editorial intern at Travel + Leisure.