Do you have any travel tips for single parents?

Fawzia Rasheed de Francisco, author of The Rough Guide to Travel with Babies and Young Children, has traveled alone with her two boys to 14 countries. She shares her secrets for a hassle-free journey.

Get Connected

Check out to find families like yours in your area, and use the message boards to network about past and future trips.

Get Help

Bring an older niece or nephew along to help mind the kids; ask your airline to arrange in advance for a motorized cart to speed your group to the departure gate; and hire a driver who can meet you at baggage claim.

Do Your Paperwork

If you are a sole legal guardian, consult a lawyer to apply for a parental-custody document. If not, carry notarized proof of consent from your child’s other parent with a detailed description of the trip, complete with passport numbers, airline details, etc. You’ll rarely be asked for this, but if you can’t produce it on demand, you could face a delay for questioning—or, even worse, a canceled trip.