By Alison Fox
September 05, 2019
Madrid, Spain
Credit: Getty Images

When most people fly across the ocean, they’re committed to spending several days or even weeks in a single location getting to know the history, culture and food. But one woman is trying to change that.

Gabriella Ribeiro, the chief exploration officer of travel company Explorateur Journeys, is encouraging people to get away even if they only have limited time, designing “48 Hour Power Jaunts” that squeeze the best of a city into just a weekend.

Ribeiro’s itineraries are the real-world version of the Monopoly “don't pass go” cards, a total rush from start to finish that will likely leave you breathless and invigorated at the same time.

“Travelers are looking for a journey that leaves a footprint on their soul, but too often they are long on curiosity but short on time. I developed the 48 Hour Power Jaunts to really prove that tackling a city in [two] days is not only possible, but revitalizing as well,” Ribeiro told Travel + Leisure in an email. “It’s the perfect solution for busy entrepreneurs that need a reboot outside of their comfort zone, parents who need a getaway but perhaps can’t spend too much time away from the kids, or couples who have often turned these journeys into date nights with a twist.”

She added: “There’s a big world out there and our high energy short burst journeys weave every single element together so that nothing is left to chance, everything fits together beautifully like a gorgeous puzzle leaving the traveler completely free to dive in.”

In Paris, Ribeiro may give you a private guide when you land in the city for some boutique shopping in the Marais before you head out on a walk around Montmartre. Later, you would take a sidecar tour and stroll down the Champs Elysees before you jet back to U.S.

In London, take a cruise on the Thames, have high tea at Fortnum & Mason, see a show in the West End, take a food tour of the city, and drive through the streets in a Mini Cooper, all within only 48 hours. And in Madrid, she recommends everything from antique shopping and a beer-cycle tour to tapas (because you can’t leave Madrid without sampling tapas).

If you get tired, you can always sleep on the plane ride home. And while the getaways aren’t cheap, starting at $999 per person excluding airfare, they certainly pack a big punch into a very short amount of time.

I once went to London for just under 72 hours, and I can say from experience that it was absolutely exhausting but totally worth it. And we can’t think of a better way to spend a weekend than exploring the cobblestone streets of Europe’s best cities and eating our way through some of the best foodie cities in the world.