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Q. We are planning a trip to Paris from London on our upcoming vacation. We are staying for only one night and then want to travel back to London. We were told that the hotel rate is more expensive if you only stay one night. Is this true?And is there some way we can get around it?

A. Generally speaking, the nightly rate you pay at a hotel will be the same whether you stay for one night or four nights. There are plenty of exceptions, however. At big-city hotels, discounts should be expected for long-term stays of two weeks or more. Also, many urban hotels that rely mainly on weekday business travelers offer discounted rates on weekends—in which case, rates are lower Friday through Sunday than they are during the rest of the week. Outside the cities, and especially at smaller properties, you may be able to get better-than-daily rates if you stay for as little as a week. (Play it smart, though: First ask what the daily rate is, then ask if there is a discount for longer-term bookings.) However, none of this would seem to have much of an impact on your plans to visit Paris for one night.