A former IV League student skips class to learn much more about life, activism and the chocolate industry in tropical Grenada.

Ever dream of ditching your day job for a secluded life in the Caribbean? Take a hint from David "Mott" Green, a former IV League student turned Grenadian chocolatier.

Originally from New York City, Mott left his alma mater to pursue a more altruistic (and sunny) lifestyle in Hermitage, Grenada. He noticed the island's cocoa farmers being exploited by the chocolate industry, and thought, why don't cocoa farmers produce the chocolate themselves? Since then, Mott has spent the last 25 years operating the bean to bar Grenada Chocolate Company. His efforts to bring Grenadian citizens back into agriculture have helped create a sustainable alternative to the harsh chocolate industry.

Today, Grenada Chocolate Company's organic dark chocolate bars can be found in hundreds of stores across the United States and Europe, including Whole Foods Markets. Watch as EX-PATS host Savannah Jane Buffet learns the ins-and-outs of making chocolate, from carrying cocoa beans across a river to savoring the final love-inducing dessert.

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