Meet an Atlanta native-turned-farmer and teacher in the Caribbean.

In the second episode of EX-PATS, host Savannah Jane Buffett introduces viewers to Nate Olive, a former theater manager from Atlanta, whose life changed after joining a friend, who had just narrowly escaped death, to hike the Appalachian Trail. Truly understanding that life is short, Nate realized he needed to be closer to nature—and to live the life he dreamt of. St. Croix's agri-tourism opportunities called, and after meeting a marrying an islander, Nate started a farm that welcomes visitors and students. He now spends his days tending beds, picking mangos, gathering eggs, and herding livestock—all in his island backyard, and sells his organic products to locals. But it's not all hard work for Nate; after a long days with his hands in the dirt, he likes to retreat to St. Croix's beaches, living up to his mantra: Do what makes you happy.

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