This ex-Marine is basically living the dream life.

By Andrea Romano
September 14, 2017
Courtesy of Will Gregor | @wjgregor/Instagram

Will Gregor from Devon, England, has gone from military service to life on the road, to a successful modeling career and to a new path in academia.

And he’s only 26 years old.

After Gregor quit the Royal Marines, he decided to use his newfound freedom on a three month trip through Europe in a Volkswagen T25 campervan. Gregor paid £1,800 (about $2,400 USD) to buy the vehicle and an extra £500 ($667.50 USD) to furnish and renovate it with wood paneling.

“The best thing about it is being able to abolish normality. The locations are great but it's the feeling of freedom that makes this kind of lifestyle stand out for me,” Gregor told The Daily Mail.

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Gregor had always been interested in world cultures, especially while he was in the military. He also grew up in a bilingual family (his mother is Spanish and his father is English).

“My mother is Spanish while my father is from Plymouth, so I've always been very open-minded, and interested in learning about and experiencing other cultures,” he said. “My parents were actually the main inspiration for me buying the van, when me and my twin sister were younger our parents owned two VW vans themselves, so I've got a lot of good memories stored away about the lifestyle and places we visited.”

Courtesy of Will Gregor | @wjgregor/Instagram
Courtesy of Will Gregor | @wjgregor/Instagram

Not only has Gregor been a military man, but he’s also worked as a successful model. Lately, however, his sights have been set on studying rather than posing. He plans on attending Goldsmiths University of London where he is taking a degree in Sociology and Anthropology.

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He said to The Daily Mail that modeling is “not where [his] heart lies.” Instead, he hopes to blend his love of world cultures and traveling with his degree.

Courtesy of Will Gregor | @wjgregor/Instagram
Courtesy of Will Gregor | @wjgregor/Instagram

“I'm hoping my practical skills I've picked up over the last few years tied with the academic skills I'm developing will lead me on to even bigger challenges,” he said.

He plans to film a documentary on the road in the campervan, and possibly take his transcontinental trip from Europe to Asia. “I'd like to use future trips to connect with people from completely different cultures.”

Gregor also seems like the perfect candidate for a travel television show — but in the meantime, you can follow Gregor's adventures on Instagram