Need to find a restaurant or check a flight status on the go, but worried about racking up a bill? T+L tested our favorite apps to see how much data they use.
Roaming Abroad, Kayak Mobile/Kayak HD, App
Credit: Courtesy of Kayak

Kayak Mobile/Kayak HD

Why We Love It: A one-stop shop for flight, hotel, and car reservations, it also holds itineraries, performs currency conversions, and contains Gate Guru–supplied airport info and airline reservation numbers.

Sample Data Use: Can check itineraries and access airline info offline; uses 200KB to browse hotel listings; 164KB to check flight status.

Google Maps

Why We Love It: The easiest and most comprehensive of all the free navigation apps, it locates your exact position and gives you turn-by-turn directions to almost any address in the world.

Sample Data Use: 91KB to check your location; 270KB to get directions, though you can download the map you need while in a hot spot and just stick to that, if necessary.


Why We Love It: Offers text translations for over 50 languages and text-to-voice pronunciations for 17 of them.

Sample Data Use: Audio and text translation of “Waiter, there’s a fly in my gazpacho!” into German used up 36KB; “excuse me,” into Spanish with no audio accompaniment, 5KB.


Why We Love It: This GPS-enabled app with user-generated reviews of local retailers can help you locate everything from restaurants to drugstores. International destinations (available for iPhone users) include Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, and the United Kingdom.

Sample Data Use: 748KB to search for nearby restaurants, check out a review, and get directions.


Why We Love It: Mobile-friendly access to news feeds, messages, live chats, and profile updates. You can also upload photos and check in to locations using Places.

Sample Data Use: Took a full 76KB just to press the “Like” button; 229KB to upload the news feed and leave a comment; 193KB to upload a photo with a caption.