Our finicky editors tried out dozens of products and chose the best in three categories: EYE MASK Bucky Shades (800/692-8259;; from $25) seal out all light and have a padded ledge that cradles your eyes. There's also a little pocket where you can stash your earplugs and sleeping pills. EARPLUGS Foam, wax, silicone, or down?Personal preference is a major factor when it comes to what you put in your ear. Howard Leight's foam Laser Lites (918/478-5500;; $19 for 200 pairs) muffle the most noise and have an easy squeeze-and-insert design. WHITE-NOISE MACHINE A familiar sound is the only thing that lulls some travelers to sleep. Sharper Image's latest model of the Travel Soother 20 Radio/Alarm Clock (800/344-4444;; $100) has a range of sounds (Northwoods, Thunderstorm, City, and more). It's also iPod-compatible, so you can broadcast your own lullaby.