A perfect gelato in Italy, a deserted beach in Dubai—happiness is defined differently depending on your destination. In his new book, The Geography of Bliss (Hyperion, $26), Eric Weiner, a correspondent for National Public Radio, sets off to uncover what brings people pleasure around the globe. Here, Weiner shares six of his top stops.

Courtesy of Eric Weiner Courtesy of Eric Weiner
| Credit: Courtesy of Eric Weiner

Swiss Guest House, Bumthang, Bhutan

"It's this sliver of Western civilization in the middle of nowhere, and you can get a terrific cappuccino and Swiss fondue." Karsumphe; 011-975/363-1145.

Transit Lounge, Dubai International Airport

"There's great shopping and a sense of being suspended between East and West." dubaiairport.com

100 Yen Sushi, Tokyo, Japan

"These kaiten sushi or 'revolving sushi' places are all over Japan. It's hypnotic to watch a parade of sushi go by."

One Shanti Road, Bangalore, India

"In Bangalore, India's Silicon Valley, this gallery is an antidote to the city's frenzy. You can hang out and talk about art and microchips." 1 Shanti Rd., Bangalore; 91/988-022-7706.

Kaffitár Café, Iceland

"It's their Starbucks, with soul and lots of primary colors. Servers yell out orders in this sing-song way. I was there in winter and it just exuded warmth.".

Public Restrooms, Zürich Train Station, Switzerland

"They're the cleanest bathrooms I've ever seen. To me, a spotless restroom is happiness." Zürich Main Station, Bahnhofplatz.