Wherever you are in the world, these gadgets and services keep you plugged in to your favorite movies, music, and more.
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At roughly the size of a paperback, the Sony Portable Reader PRS-505 e-book (sonystyle.com; $300) fits right into your carry-on and stores up to 160 books.


The 3.5-inch touch-screen display on the Apple iPod touch (apple.com; $299), right, makes it easier than ever to flip through a music library. You can also download songs directly from the iTunes WiFi Music Store.

Movies & TV

A new service at Netflix (netflix.com) makes more than 5,000 flicks and TV shows available for online viewing. Films begin playing right after you’ve made your selection, and subscribers who rent more than three DVD’s a month can see all the classics they want online. The Slingbox Solo (slingbox.com; $180) device connects to your cable, satellite box, or DVR and streams your favorite programs—live and recorded—onto your laptop.