For many of us, the words, "tour bus" call to mind certain iconic images: sticky, screaming children, headache-inducing camera flashes, a colorfully dressed man on a unnecessary megaphone and, yes, even a fanny pack or two. Banish those images from memory—that was your grandmother's tour bus.

Meet "The Ride" (above): a revolutionary, $1.3 million take on the classic tour bus, which was on display in Time Square, Manhattan this morning as a prelude to its maiden voyage in September.  Suped up with 49 stadium seats, an IMAX theater-worth of audio equipment and 40 video screens, The Ride certainly has the wattage to separate itself from the competition.  But it's what's going on off the bus that's really grabbed our attention.

Think of The Ride like a kind of haunted hayride through New York—minus the ski masks and fake chain saws.  Throughout the course of its 4.2-mile midtown route, The Ride will have scheduled sidewalk interactions with some of New York's finest—actors, performers, standup comedians, and everyday citizens—who will bring to life the city's vibrant history, iconic sites and dynamic street life through their prodigious talents and The Ride's state-of-the-art acoustics.

Tickets ($59-$65) for The Ride's first tour, which starts September 16th, will also go on sale today (August 12th).  If you're in the area, stop by the corner of Broadway and W. 46th St. to get a look at this futuristic tour-beast (and leave your fanny pack at home).

Nina Fedrizzi is an editorial intern at Travel + Leisure.