Longford Fivehead - Dewsall (above)

The always spot-on tasteful Lulu Townsend of Chic Retreats has just added a lovely—and rather unorthodox—new property to her portfolio. Dewsall is a gorgeous listed and restored Regency house in Herefordshire, near the Welsh border, which can be rented in its entirety—when, that is, it's not in its other guise, that of a chic little pop-up hotel a few weeks a year. The house is perfectly, ravishingly restored, with huge ensuite bedrooms, entertainment rooms (with all the mod cons) and a kitchen to make regular World of Interiors readers sigh with longing. A bonus: their Great British Safari—whereby guests hike into the Black Mountains, take kayaks or canoes from Glasbury to Hay, or go pheasant shooting—complete with luxury tents and gourmet meals.

One of the Lake District's favorite hotels has a very fetching new set of accommodations. Gilpin Lodge's lake house is now an all-suite, more exclusive redoubt within this already lovely and very exclusive hotel.

Stay tuned for the first luxury country-house hotel project from food critic (and royal stepbrother) Tom Parker-Bowles, among a team of uber-cool developers turning this landmarked Georgian Estate in Hampshire. Promises to be a potential eclipser of Babington House and Cowley Manor and every permutation of cool-country that's come Southern England's way in the last decade.

By Travel + Leisure and Travel + Leisure Staff