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“Think lovely thoughts” is a line I always liked from that soaring high-wire number “I’m Flying” in the musical Peter Pan. But these days lovely thoughts and flying rarely go hand in hand. So it’s nice to have something positive to say about my trip home

with my family last month from a cousin’s wedding in Palm Springs, and here it is: I would have welcomed a short flight delay for the chance to bask in the California sun on the way to our departure gate and enjoy those ravishing mountain views. I might have even nipped into La Brea Bakery, just across the open-air plaza, for a latte and freshly baked croissant. You’ll find out more about the diverting options that are—finally—available at airports across the country, as well as our first annual Airport Awards and Airport Survival Tips.

Given the mission of this magazine, we need those airports (and airlines) to ensure smooth passage, this month to alluring destinations that include Los Angeles, for a whirlwind culinary romp with Peter Jon Lindberg; Rome, for a tour of splendid classical gardens with Charles Maclean; and Marrakesh, where longtime habitué Richard Alleman explores a host of ravishing new riads, hotels, and restaurants that heighten this timeless city’s intense colors and flavors. Our cover story presents an ambitious range of getaways for beach lovers from Maine to Mauritius. And a personal favorite in this issue is the Trader Vic’s time line—the result of the realization that for a number of us on the T+L editorial team, our first notion of the exotic was over dinner with our parents at a Trader Vic’s. Admittedly, I can remember the gardenia-laden drinks that I never tasted more vividly than my own Shirley Temples. Off the beaten path and, like our islands, for the most part undiscovered are Ensenada and the Valle de Guadalupe, in Mexico, a burgeoning mecca for travelers looking for adventure—and food and wine.

I hope that all of you out there have the good fortune to enjoy a few minutes of peace and comfort in that most unlikely of places—the airport. May you also find that “second star to the right” and fly happily and well.

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