Spanning the world" is a phrase many New Yorkers will associate with WNBC-TV's Len Berman and his wacky film clips of mishaps on the playing fields, but for me, it unfailingly calls to mind the editorial scope of Travel + Leisure. As my colleagues and I celebrate the launch of the first Chinese edition of the magazine, T+L's global reach is much on my mind, particularly because it extends beyond our editorial pages in such powerful and surprising ways. A case in point: many of the stories in our special issue on Europe will ultimately be published not only in mainland China but also in Latin America, Russia, Turkey, and, as of September, Australia. Having T+L's distinctive words and images interpreted for readers in other countries is a heady experience—and one that reveals how many interests and aspirations are shared across the globe. Then there's the added benefit that working with international partners brings: it deepens and expands my editors' and my connection to the world.

This month, we connect to Europe, in our annual issue on the continent. T+L special correspondent Christopher Petkanas returns to Nice, a stalwart on the Côte d'Azur that had dropped off many trendsetters' maps, to find it reborn ("Making Nice"); editor-at-large Peter Jon Lindberg heralds the debut of Scandinavia as a foodie mecca while remembering the good meals at his Swedish grandmother's table ("Nordic Heights"); Bob Morris, our sun-seeking contributing editor, checks out the varied scene on the Spanish island of Majorca ("Beyond the Sea"); and contributing editor Adam Goodheart measures the present against the past his family knew in the Black Sea port town of Odessa ("City of Dreams"). For architecture buffs, there's Michael Gorra's pilgrimage to Germany's splendid Rococo churches, along with two other European driving itineraries, to 20th-century landmarks in Switzerland and France ("Roadside Attractions").

In this issue you will also find a redesigned and expanded Update section, with the latest news and information to better prepare you for your next journey. As travel becomes more and more a central theater for world events, being timely, topical, and news-oriented is increasingly important. Do please e-mail us at if there are subjects you'd like to see covered in Travel + Leisure. Our aim is to give you inspiration and information to span the world—which is certainly not beyond anyone's possibilities.

—Nancy Novogrod