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I just got off the phone with a friend in India—a “queen of style” in her city, Mumbai, who serves as a freelance shopping expert on demand. So I was surprised to hear her say, in response to my question about opportunities that await me during my trip next month: “You already have what you need. And, besides, I am looking for my pleasures elsewhere, focusing on the things that matter—family; a sense of peace—and you should, too.” I had been hearing a lot about similar rebootings recently, in articles in the New York Times, spots on NBC’s Today show, including one by T+L’s features director and senior correspondent, Nilou Motamed, and in an Amazon e-mail blast highlighting a book, Quiet, by Susan Cain, which I immediately ordered.

Happily, this month’s issue of Travel + Leisure is very much “in the zone,” with our cover story on “New Undiscovered Beach Destinations.” Whether in Brazil, the Philippines, Australia, California, or France, these expanses of sand and water conjure up the very essence of tranquillity. Peter Jon Lindberg left behind his daily life in Brooklyn, New York, for a rented villa in Sicily and the escape that a week in the bosom of Sicilian aristocracy would bring him (“Guide to Renting a Villa in Sicily, Italy”). I can’t say that Gary Shteyngart was looking for or found a reprieve from noise and activity during his weeklong stay in Seattle (“What to See and Do in Seattle, Washington”)—but then, this is quite simply not Gary’s goal. And, finally, because good design is in itself transcendent and rises above the clutter, T+L’s annual Design Awards are a salute to the ideals of order and balance.

There’s more, of course: an insider look at what’s happening in Berlin (“What to See and Do in Berlin”); our T+L Family spring break special—to help parents and children make the most of their vacations; a peek at the winners of T+L’s annual World’s Best Hotel Values poll; and a comprehensive guide to the best African safari destinations and experts (“Guide to Planning an African Safari”).

Finally, readers of this page may notice that something is different—specifically my photo, snapped in a quiet moment on an iPhone at the Getty Museum in Los Angeles by my son, Jamie Novogrod. I’m on vacation but on the BlackBerry with my office. To each his own kind of peace. I’ll let you know when I find it.

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