By Nathan Lump
November 14, 2014

One of the hallmarks of a traveler, I always say, is curiosity. Curiosity about the world beyond your doorstep, about cultures different from your own, about how societies and the planet are changing. Travel opens our eyes and gives us greater insight into the world; I know it has made me a wiser, more understanding, and, yes, an even more curious person.

As editors, we at Travel + Leisure are also perpetually curious about the places that define a moment in time, those destinations that capture our collective imagination and suddenly seem to be on everyone’s bucket list. In 2014, that place is Myanmar—you might know it better as Burma—a country that is slowly but surely emerging from decades of isolation and authoritarian rule. It’s the country that forward-looking travelers have been buzzing about, and, as Andrew Solomon reports, now is the perfect time to go, to experience a beautiful and fascinating place that is moving toward a better future while holding on to much of what makes it distinctive. Which is why we’ve anointed it T+L’s “Destination of the Year”—a bold statement, perhaps, but one we believe in.

This issue marks my first as T+L’s editor, and I am thrilled to return to a brand that is synonymous with everything I love about travel. (I was here in the first half of the aughts.) We’ll be making some exciting changes over the coming months—please send me a note if there’s anything you would or wouldn’t like to see from us as we evolve—but you can be certain we will remain as committed as ever to sparking the curiosity that inspires you to hit the road. I can’t wait to see where we’ll go together.