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As I write these words, I’ve just boarded a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok during an intensive jaunt through Asia that has inspired some thoughts about where I want to spend my own holiday vacation. First on the list: the deeply forested spa resort Como Shambhala, in the hills of Ubud on Bali, where I started off this trip. I spent two nights there this past weekend—which was definitely not enough—easing into a new time zone and recovering from a long-lasting cold. I’m also eyeing an Asian destination I’ve missed so far, Laos, and one I visited only briefly years ago, Burma. And, inspired by a few satisfying meals, including dinner at the Italian restaurant Basilico at the Regent in Singapore (even if I usually go kicking and screaming to non-Asian restaurants in the region), I am thinking that a food tour in Singapore, Bangkok, Hong Kong, or Shanghai would be a culturally enriching way to delve deep into any one of those cities.

It should come as no surprise that the editors of T+L have done some of the work for you in “4 Great Holiday Travel Destinations.” We’ve tapped into well-placed locals for their favorite haunts and weekend getaways in São Paulo, Tel Aviv, Madrid, and Mumbai. We also asked Peter Weller, the actor, director, and art historian, to bring us along on his annual holiday trip to Venice; it’s a time when the light, the cold weather, and the shared intimacy heighten the city’s magic. Richard Alleman returns to the Caribbean to scout out 10 stylish new resorts, from St. Bart’s to St. Lucia, that are unique and authentic in spirit. And closer to home, we take a five-day drive from Jacksonville to Key West, Florida, that classic American holiday retreat, stopping along the way at places where you’re sure to find plenty of local flavor. There’s more, of course—on eating in Marrakesh, and that baffling problem of tipping, plus our annual awards for the World’s Best Business Hotels.

The truth is that thinking about where you might go, and imagining yourself there, is an appealing diversion—with no Olympian bouts of packing, or long lines and missed connections. And no jet lag, which, thank goodness, I am often too busy to notice.

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