Since I've dined (and dined, and dined) at all of the restaurants in my own lovely neighborhood of Fort Greene, Brooklyn, I've set a new task for myself: To explore the rest of New York City's blossoming borough, one fabulous meal at a time, forking over no more than $10 a plate.

Here, five recent plates that fit the bill:

1. Fresh enchiladas verdes at Cinco de Mayo. (1202 Cortelyou Rd., Ditmas Park)

2. Tanoreen's crispy eggplant slices layered with creamy baba ghanouge. (7704 3rd Ave., Bay Ridge)

3. Steaming vegetable broth with stewed pork, white rice noodles, and hot sauce at the pint-sized Yun Nan Flavour Snack Shop. (775A 49th St., Sunset Park)

4. Olive Vine Cafe's surprisingly filling pizza topped with lamb, onion, and parsley. (54 Seventh Ave., Park Slope)

5. Pork sausages, kasha, and mushrooms, cradled by pretzel-esque dough in a ceramic bowl at Cafe Glechik. (Coney Island)

And if you just can't end the night without something sweet, the newly-opened Desserts by Michael Allen—formerly of Water's Edge in Long Island City—churns out irresistibly fluffy French macarons stuffed with raspberries and blueberries drizzled in a ruby peach sauce. (Clinton Hill)

Bree Sposato is an editorial assistant at Travel + Leisure.