By Megan and Megan Soll
October 19, 2014

This week, Eataly New York debuted a few new staples in their marketplace. This time, it’s not Italian fare, but Italian history. A collection of sculptures were carefully extracted from Milan’s most famous building, il Duomo di Milano, and transported to New York for display on the premises.

The exhibit is promoting Expo Milano 2015, our modern day version of the World’s Fair (May 1 - October 31, 2015). Eataly USA, modeled off the original Eataly in Turin, seeks to help fund the restoration of the Duomo to help complete the process by the start of Expo2015. The theme behind the Expo is “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life,” which focuses on sustainability, preventing needless wasting of food and finding renewable energy resources.

Milan is known as the city of design, and Eataly’s display is an effort to demonstrate not only the food of their country but also their rich history of art and culture. The exhibit’s debut was well attended, with founder Oscar Farinetti, Eataly co-owner, Mario Batali, as well as the mayor of Milan, Giuliano Pisapia. Topped off with wine and edible offerings of cheese, olives and fresh prosciutto and salami to conclude the event, no less.

The sculptures, three gargoyles carved from Italy’s pink marble and two statues, will remain on display until April 2015. Eataly visitors can wind their way though the market and head into the exhibit to view the pieces, each over 600 years old. The insurance on the Milan treasures is likely something to be reckoned with. Only in New York.

Eataly also announced it will be an official ticket vendor for Expo. Tickets are now on sale. For more info, check out the website, or visit Eataly yourself!

Megan Soll is Travel + Leisure's digital intern.