By Maria Pedone
November 30, 2012

Together with CNN, Travel + Leisure's multi-platform series 100 Places to Eat Like a Local combines iReports from you, television spots, chef recommendations, and editor finds to spotlight the best local food around the world over the next few months.

This week, we are highlighting a Detroit restaurant (brought to you by iReporter ProMich) that goes above and beyond the farm-to-table concept. In 1976, Rina and Adriano Tonon decided to take an old apple orchard and transform it into a five-acre garden adorned with Italian herbs and vegetables. Years later, Café Cortina is a prospering model for younger restaurants aiming to be organic and sustainable. The basil, rosemary, Swiss chard and 80 year-old heirloom tomato plants make the dishes at Café Cortina as delicious as they are healthy.

The Tonon family, now in its third generation of restaurateurs, even sells its sauces to specialty Michigan markets- just look for the Ristorante Café Cortina brand. Fresh and frozen Bolognese sauces are planned to be introduced throughout Michigan this coming fall.

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Maria Pedone is a digital editorial intern at Travel + Leisure.