J. Harper Poor Cottage East Hampton

Behind a stucco wall in East Hampton, New York, is a refuge along the lines of an English manor, a wonderfully intimate house, idiosyncratic in this place where high style is defined by the perfectly weathered shingle. The new J. Harper Poor Cottage offers the most luxurious accommodations in town—with the possible exception of the guest rooms of locals Martha Stewart, Calvin Klein, and Steven Spielberg.

The 19th-century structure, renovated by novelist Gary Reiswig and his psychoanalyst wife, Rita, has five guest rooms, all with William Morris wallpaper, fluffy comforters, and big bathtubs. From the front door you can stroll along the town pond, adorned by a swan so stunningly large as to seem mythic, then pass some of the most luscious landscaping in America on your way to the sea. Or you might linger in the cottage's formal English garden, where tiny boxwood leaves tremble in the breeze. Going to sleep, you imagine returning in the off-season to spend hours reading before a fire. The rooms are so deeply comfortable that you secretly hope for bad weather as an excuse to stay in.

J. Harper Poor Cottage, 181 Main St., East Hampton; 516/324-4081; doubles from $295.