Like most photo editors, I'm fond of huge cameras, but when I travel, there's no greater luxury for me than having only a tiny point-and-shoot digital that fits in my pocket.

When I reviewed cameras for the August '07 issue of T+L, I fell in love with a little Kodak EasyShare v570, because it was tiny, took great photos, and it was simple enough that anyone who picked it up would know how to use it--friends, passersby who I asked to take my photo, etc. (I also think Kodak makes the easiest to read instruction manuals of all the camera companies, with Leica being a close second.)

The little v570 now goes with me everywhere. Even though it's extremely simple to use, it has a nifty feature that I'm over the moon about: in-camera panorama mode, which allows you to "stitch" three photos together in the camera. A lot of Kodak's digital cameras have this feature now. Obviously, it excels when you have a whole vista you want to capture. Here's a panorama photo from the San Blas Islands in Panama:

And here's one I took in fall 2007 in the Upper Ninth Ward of New Orleans showingMusicians Village on the right and still-delapidated homes on theleft:

And one from the nose-bleed seats at the U.S. Open:

Nifty, right?There's even a Flickr group devoted to pictures made this way: