Zac Efron, the teen heartthrob and young actor of movie High School Musical fame, has been spending some time in Vancouver, British Columbia lately while filming his latest flick, The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud.

In the film, Zac plays Charlie St. Cloud, a man still stricken with guilt from the death of his brother 13 years prior. So much so, he becomes a caretaker at the cemetery where his brother is buried, and each night plays catch with the child ghost of his dead brother. When a new love interest captures Charlie's affection, he considers breaking his promise to never leave his brother’s side.

So it’s no surprise, really, that to combat the rather somber film’s emotional subject matter, Zac has made an effort to let loose off the set. How, you might ask? By heading to Whistler, where he took a fearless leap off a bridge 160 feet above the Cheakamus River.

Fret not, worried fans. Zac was safely harnessed to a bungee cord by the experts at Whistler Bungee. Check out the video (above) and watch as he hurtles himself over the edge, letting out nary a scream, yelp, or gasp. (Whereas I, on the other hand, would embarrassingly let out all three and likely pass out one-third of the way down.)

What else has Mr. Efron been doing to let loose during filming? Though hardly a notorious young Hollywood party animal that goes on frequent benders, the 21-year-old did allow himself a night out with some friends at Vancouver’s posh Opus Bar, the self-proclaimed “see-and-be-seen” bar at the Opus Hotel. Zac and pals’ cocktail of choice? The Salome Sour, made with bourbon, fresh lemon, hibiscus syrup, Fee’s Cherry Bitters, and egg white. Sounds delightful. I’ll drink to that!

(Be on the lookout for The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud, set for release in 2010.)

Joshua Pramis is an online associate editor at Travel + Leisure.