Disney Fans, This New Wordle-inspired Game Is for You

"This has turned into a whole new Wordle of fun," the game's creator told Travel + Leisure.

The Disney Wordle over Cinderellas Castle in Magic Kingdom
Photo: Courtesy of Disney, Mickey Visit

Calling all Disney fans who are loving the cult-favorite word game Wordle.

Introducing the best of both worlds, Mickeyrdle, which offers a Disney-themed twist on the word game whose green and yellow squares are taking over social media feeds everywhere.

Each five-letter Mickeyrdle answer comes from somewhere within the world of Disney such as a character name, a theme park ride, or another detail only real fans would know. Remember, the Disney universe includes Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, Muppets, theme parks, cruises, and more.

The deeper your Disney knowledge, the better you can expect to do.

"With hundreds of relevant five letter Disney-themed words, this has turned into a whole new Wordle of fun," Gavin Doyle, the creator of the game and of MickeyVisit.com, told Travel + Leisure on Thursday.

Doyle describes the game as a way for fans to keep the Disney magic alive between trips, and — for those heading to the parks soon — it could also be a great way to make the wait for popular rides at Disney World go by a little more quickly.

Mickeyrdle isn't the first Wordle variation to emerge, and it very likely won't be the last.

The original Wordle game was designed by a Brooklyn software engineer. He created it for his partner, shared it with a few family members, and eventually sold the game to The New York Times in a seven-figure deal whose details were not disclosed.

Using open-source code, Scott's Cheap Flights launched its own version of Wordle, Airportle, in January. That game tests players knowledge of three-letter airport codes. Players have six chances to guess the airport of the day.

Meanwhile, a French developer merged a love of words and geography by creating Worldle, an iteration that requires players to correctly guess the country of the da by guessing their silhouettes. Right guesses earn green squares. Wrong guesses help users find their way by showing how many miles off a player is and which direction they should be looking toward.

There are even Wordle-inspired games for fans of Taylor Swift fans and for fans of Harry Potter.

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