These Virtual Disney Rides Will Make Your Couch the Happiest Place on Earth (Video)

From Disney World to Disneyland, you can experience the magic of mickey with these virtual rides.

Though Disneyland and Disney World may be closed right now it doesn’t mean you still can’t experience the Most Magical Place on Earth. And it’s all thanks to the internet.

One week ago, the Disney parks made the decision to close for the duration of the month of March out of an abundance of caution during the global coronavirus pandemic. This, of course, broke the hearts of many, especially during the spring break season.

Splash Mountain ride at Disneyland in California
Mariah Tyler

However, for those still looking to take a ride on Space Mountain, there is a way: Virtual rides.

Though these are not officially sanctioned virtual tours, previous guests to the parks have taken it upon themselves to ensure everyone can still experience Disney magic by uploading their experiences on various rides.

That includes the Frozen Ever After ride, located in Epcot.

As well as a ride-along on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride in Disneyland.

Those sitting at home right now can also watch a thrilling journey on Peter Pan’s Flying Ride at Disneyland.

Or take a heart-pumping ride on the Indiana Jones ride.

For a bit more chill of a ride hop on the Alice in Wonderland caterpillars at Disneyland, too.

And, virtual guests can even take a ride under the sea on The Little Mermaid adventure.

But, no internet vacation to Disney would be complete without riding It’s a Small World. Sorry, but you have to do it.

So yeah, this isn’t exactly the same experience as you’d get in the park, but at least it can fill a little bit of the void and spark some wanderlust for when we can all visit the parks once more.

And if you need some more virtual activities you can always tour a museum, visit a national park, watch an opera, and even hang out with precious baby goats, too.

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