Don't Leave 'Star Wars': Galaxy's Edge Without Buying These Items

These Galaxy's Edge souvenirs are worth the splurge.

Disneyland, Star Wars Galaxy Edge
Photo: Courtesy of Disney

For the first time, the ships, speeders, and stormtroopers made famous by Star Wars films can be explored in real life. With Disney’s Star Wars-themed land now open to the public at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World, guests visiting the Happiest Place on Earth can finally live as they would on a remote Star Wars planet — and spend their discretionary income “credits” the same way, too.

For those who want to leave their paychecks behind on Batuu, it’s rather easy. The signature souvenir, a custom-made fully-functioning lightsaber, costs $200 — and that’s before even stepping inside the door of the merchandise experience. Trophy items are spread throughout, with many lining the walls of a collectibles shop called Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities, but if you were hoping to get out of Galaxy’s Edge without having to buy each child a $100 droid, it is possible. (Though, for the record: picking scattered droid parts off a conveyor belt is exceptionally cool and probably worth the splurge.)

Even if you don’t consider yourself a Star Wars enthusiast, the mood is in the air. When you see a Porg puppet croak or hear a beeping BB-8 headband tucked beside someone’s ponytail, you’re guaranteed to have merch envy. Between tunics that’ll instantly transform you into Rey and red and purple space popcorn, there’s so much to try, but there are ways to enjoy the local grub and spot great souvenirs without dropping more than you spent on a room at Disneyland Hotel.

Disneyland, Star Wars Galaxy Edge
Courtesy of Disney

It’s all too easy to empty your pockets in the process of buying a small zoo’s worth of stuffed Wampas and plush Loth Cats, but the trick isn’t to stroll past the merchandise shops and stalls spread throughout the land. Instead, dive in and explore the nooks and crannies of each, which boast vast collections of never-before-seen items specific to each location.

With so much exclusive merchandise and intergalactic food to choose from (blue milk included!), here’s what’s worth splurging on inside Disney’s new Star Wars-themed land.

Ronto Wraps

At $12.99, it's on the pricier end of comparable Disney foods — burgers and hot dogs come with chips or sides while this does not — but this meaty wrap is a delectable open-faced sandwich that’s unique in all the right ways. The barbecue pork-lined pita pocket stuffed with Portuguese-style sausage and topped with a Szechuan peppercorn-infused sauce is just spicy enough to make it feel distinctive, with enough heft to count as a meal. Don’t skip it.

Disneyland, Star Wars Galaxy Edge
Courtesy of Disney

Stuffed Chewbaccas, Ewoks, and Yodas

Toydarian Toymaker, located inside the marketplace, is packed with plenty of goodies, but the painfully cute stuffed animals in the likeness of prominent Star Wars beings reign supreme. Better yet, they all cost around $20, making for an affordable and memorable souvenir. If you’re in search of something more unusual, head over to the Creature Stall, where fabled beings like Tauntauns and Banthas entice with interactive sounds and effects — but don’t get attached without checking price tags first. Some of the familiar animals, like a Kowakian Lizard Monkey, cost up to $70.

Blue and Green Milk

The debate over which milk is superior has become as serious and strong as the battle between light and dark factions. Some visitors find Bantha blue milk, first seen in A New Hope, inferior, while others boast of its refreshing tropical taste. Meanwhile, fans of green milk — modeled after the kind Luke Skywalker drinks on planet Ahch-To in The Last Jedi — praise its floral taste. Bottom line: both non-dairy frozen “milk” drinks have strong, uncommon fruit flavors, and at $7.99 a pop, they can make for a costly taste-test.

Porg Mugs at Oga’s Cantina

The droid and skyline cups sold throughout Galaxy’s Edge are fantastic, but this tiki-style Porg mug honoring the lovable, squawking bird is much more special. The Star Wars cantina collectible is costly — $32, served with a non-alcoholic Cliff Dweller drink — but it will go down as one of the more rare and remarkable items in the land.

Showy Souvenirs

Nothing for sale in Galaxy’s Edge actually says Star Wars on it — a conceit that, given that this is Disney, is almost impossible to believe. Still, it’s for the best, as it’s added more creativity in the designs of patches, t-shirts, and tote bags sold throughout Batuu. If you’re looking to brag about your trip to the first-ever Star Wars theme park land, small items like keychains and pins just aren’t going to cut it. Opt for something that’ll provide the most Star Wars bang for your buck, like Rebellion-inspired jackets or Black Spire Outpost tees with artistic graphics. Robes and tunics with lightsaber hilt belts are great buys if you plan on returning to Galaxy’s Edge time and time again, but most visitors will get more wear out of regular referential clothing.

Disneyland, Star Wars Galaxy Edge
Courtesy of Disney

BB-8 and R2-D2 Headbands

Forget about glitter bows and colorful Minnie ears because these mini-droids are the next big thing. These small sci-fi fascinators aren’t just for show. They beep randomly and unexpectedly to make you feel like there’s a famed Star Wars Astromech droid following you around. Not only does it proclaim your allegiance to the original or sequel trilogies without changing your outfit, each costs only a few bucks more than regular Disney ear headbands, making for a worthwhile investment.

Disneyland, Star Wars Galaxy Edge
Courtesy of Disney

Disney Admission

Yes, simply getting in the door of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge has its own processes and procedures, but seeing this vast, brilliantly-designed trading post in person is necessary for fans of the famed space odyssey. There’s nowhere else in the world Star Wars obsessives can engage in a battle or walk the perimeter of a fully enabled Millennium Falcon, and after decades of wowing audiences with its on-screen saga, Disney’s landmark new opening delivers.

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