Star Tours at Disney World.
Credit: MCT/Getty Images

Can’t wait to experience Star Wars in real life at Disneyland and Disney’s Hollywood Studios? You may want to buy that park ticket sooner than later.

With the upcoming release of “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” on December 15, Disney has added a new scene to its motion simulator attraction Star Tours — The Adventures Continue that is stripped from the soon-to-be-revealed movie plot line — but it’s what comes after that may surprise you more.

The new Star Tours ride segment sees the Starspeeder 1000 vehicle careening through caverns and canyons of Crait, a mineral planet which will appear in the forthcoming movie. Crait’s blood-red soil and imminent warfare are riveting, but the unexpected look at Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, the new themed land arriving to Disney's Hollywood Studios and Disneyland in 2019, makes the updated Star Tours an even better ride.

The “planet” Disney Parks’ Star Wars Land is located on — the name, Batuu, was also just revealed — appears at the very end of the new Crait sequence. The ride vehicle lands amidst droids and creatures in the center of the immersive environment, providing the first-ever up-close look at what the hotly anticipated park expansion will look like.

In addition to this early appearance of the forthcoming land, which will include a marketplace, cantina bar, themed restaurant and attractions allowing guests to pilot the Millennium Falcon, the refreshed Star Tours attraction sees visits from new characters as well.

The Last Jedi updates comes with appearances by Maz Kanata and resistance pilot Poe Dameron in interstitial segments of the ride, joining characters like BB-8, Yoda and Princess Leia Organa who appear within Star Tours in randomized sequences.

These refreshed scenes, which will continue to be added with each new trilogy movie, are just some of the many new Star Wars experiences coming to both coasts prior to 2019 opening of Galaxy’s Edge. Next month, Disney's Hollywood Studios will host Star Wars Galactic Nights, an after-hours event with panels, exclusive photo opportunities, character meet-and-greets, themed food, and a one-night-only projection show.