Disney World's Space-themed Restaurant Lets You Dine 220 Miles Above the Earth

Get ready for an out-of-this-world experience at Space 220.

Space tourists, get ready for take-off! You can eat in space, 220 miles above Earth — at Disney World. No, you won't really be flying high into the atmosphere, but this immersive dining experience at Epcot is the next best thing. Space 220, located toward the front of Epcot near Mission: Space, welcomed its first guests at the end of September 2021, opening just in time for Walt Disney World's 50th anniversary celebration. Since then, we've experienced this out-of-this-world restaurant firsthand several times, so here's everything you'll need to know before you go.

Exterior of Space 220 Restaurant
Courtesy of Disney

The excitement begins before you even take your seat at this Disney restaurant. After entering Space 220, you'll board a space elevator and soar 220 miles above Earth, watching as Disney World and Florida drop away at your feet and the Centauri Space Station comes into view overhead. Then, it's time to walk through the space station, past a futuristic-looking Grow Zone, and to the main dining room. From your seat, you can take in views of Earth and the stars — and keep an eye out for astronauts floating around outside — through the large panoramic windows.

Walkway to Space 220 Restaurant
Courtesy of Disney

We spoke to Tom Fitzgerald, Walt Disney Imagineering creative portfolio executive, about the experience when it debuted and learned about some of the details the Imagineers included in the restaurant. "This is just another wonderful piece of the Epcot experience, rooted in science, giving you an optimistic and exciting view of the future and letting you step into it and experience it," said Fitzgerald.

Dining room at the Space 220 Restaurant
Courtesy of Disney

The restaurant is a more laid-back space tourism complement to the adventurous Mission: Space astronaut training attraction next door, but it still offers some interesting storytelling components with the astronauts visible through the windows. To make the experience as believable as possible, they also made sure the views reflect what's happening in real time, whether it's day or night, rainy or sunny.

Details in the Space 220 Restaurant
Courtesy of Disney

Space 220 Menu

Space 220 is an upscale dining experience with fixed-price menus for lunch (two courses) and dinner (three courses), priced at $55 and $79, respectively. "Lift-Off" appetizers found on both the lunch and dinner menus include "Big Bang Burrata," "Starry Calamari," and "Blue Moon Cauliflower," just to name a few, while "Star Course" mains vary between lunch and dinner. Expect entrees such as salmon, flat-iron steak, a burger, and more at lunch and filet, Florida red snapper, duck, and more at dinner (plant-based options are available, too). The three-course dinner comes with "Supernova Sweets" for dessert, including carrot cake and chocolate cheesecake. Plus, there are fun, themed cocktails and mocktails (along with beer and wine).

Space 220 Lounge

If you'd prefer a more casual dining experience, opt for a table at the Space 220 Lounge. The lounge section of the restaurant is located near the bar, and it offers a smaller selection of dishes and drinks available a la carte. The menu features a combination of favorites from the standard starter menu, including the calamari and buffalo cauliflower, plus light bites like deviled eggs, shrimp cocktails, and short rib sliders. Reservations for both the main restaurant and the lounge are available on the Disney World website.

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