Inside the Cinderella Castle Suite at Disney World (Video)

No matter how many times you've been to Walt Disney World, there is one magical place in the park you've likely never seen.

The Cinderella Castle Suite might just be Disney's most exclusive spot — and there is only one way you can win the proverbial lottery and spend the night in the magical bedchamber.

How much does the Cinderella Suite cost?

Unfortunately, this suite cannot be bought. Disney has allegedly declined bribes of up to $40,000 for just one night in the exclusive suite, so no amount of money will allow you to make Cinderella Castle Suite reservations.

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In fact, the suite was never intended to be seen by the public: It was supposed to be Walt Disney's apartment when he and his family visited Orlando, but he died before it was completed. For the next few decades, the suite became a storage space, and Disney World phone operators even briefly used it as a workspace. It officially opened as the Cinderella Suite in 2006 for the “Year of a Million Dreams” promotional campaign, during which Disney gave away a limited number of one-night stays.

How to stay in Cinderella’s Castle Suite

In the past, you could spend the night in the royal bedchamber by invitation (celebrities like Tom and Suri Cruise, Mariah Carey, and Kevin Jonas are known to have been given the honor). These days, however, the room is rarely used, and a stay can only be won through a few special promotions. Most recently, a one-night stay in the suite was the winning prize in a charity contest benefiting the Orlando Magic Youth Foundation (OMYF).

Can I tour the Cinderella Castle Suite?

Cinderella Suite at Magic Kingdom
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The general public has not been able to tour the suite since 2007, but we've included photos of the magical accommodation to sate your curiosity. The 650-square-foot suite was inspired by a 17th-century French chateau, complete with coffered ceilings and stained glass windows. To get there, guests must pass a grandfather clock with the minute and second hands forever stuck on “11:59 a.m.” before hopping on an elevator to the fourth floor.

The elevator takes guests to a gorgeous foyer, which has a mosaic tile floor featuring Cinderella's pumpkin coach. Her glass slipper can even be found on display.

Cinderella Suite at Magic Kingdom
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In the parlor, there's a Victorian-style rotary phone, a 17th-century Dutch desk, books "borrowed from Belle," and six stained glass windows that face Fantasyland. If you are ever lucky enough to peer out of these windows, don't expect to see a great view of the Park: the windows are more decorative than anything else.

The bathroom has a luxurious spa tub for relaxing. Those who stay here can sit back and admire the surrounding mosaic scenes from Cinderella, or switch off the lights and gaze upon the starry night ceiling.

Cinderella Suite at Magic Kingdom
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The bedchamber has two queen canopy beds (with Cinderella's royal crest on the headboards) and an antique fireplace. A portrait of Cinderella hanging above the fireplace also doubles as a flat-screen HDTV.

Although your chances of winning a night in the Cinderella Suite are slim, there are other ways you can get a glimpse inside Cinderella Castle. If you have children between the ages of three and 12, you can bring them to Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique for a fairy-tale makeover. Or, you can reserve a table at Cinderella's Royal Table and dine with Cinderella and the other Disney Princesses. Just be sure to reserve your spot well in advance so you don't miss out on this incredible experience.

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