By Carlye Wisel
August 28, 2019
Marvel at Disney Parks
Credit: Courtesy of Disney Parks

Ever wanted to shoot webs alongside Spider-Man or take a journey to Wakanda? Disney’s new Marvel-themed land will let you do it all, including face-to-face encounters with Doctor Strange and meals at a unique Ant-Man-inspired restaurant.

Avengers Campus — the land’s official new name —will begin to unveil experiences at Disney California Adventure starting next summer. While we may not all match Captain Marvel’s strength or wield Thor’s hammer, these new Disney attractions aim to make guests feel just as powerful as the famed celebrity superheroes.

Guests will visit an engineering lab’s open house as part of Disney’s first-ever Spider-Man ride, where they’ll ultimately board a Web Slinger vehicle and aid the teenage superhero in capturing a fleet of rambunctious “Spider-Bots.” Its vehicle and execution appear to be different from any Disney attraction in existence, but excitingly, it won’t be the only innovative ride landing at California’s new Marvel land.

An all-new blockbuster "Avengers" attraction will see budding heroes board a Quinjet aircraft — as seen in all four "Avengers" films — for a battle against dangerous villains that steps off in Wakanda. This new ride will have theme park attendees fighting side-by-side to save the planet Terra — or Earth, to us mere mortals — for a major ride debuting as “phase two” of the land. Expect an all-new ride system and a dramatic entrance that’s just as newsworthy: a replica of the glass-walled Avengers Headquarters, featured heavily within box office-topper "Avengers: Endgame."

When they’re not assisting Spider-Man, Iron Man or the Dora Milaje in death-defying battles and unexpected adventures, fans will be able to meet Doctor Strange, Iron Man, Black Panther, Thor and others, as well as visit the Pym Test Kitchen, which promises to “grow and shrink food” with Pym technology. (Early details at the D23 Expo included oversized juice boxes and human-sized pretzels, indicating that both the decor and dining options will be exciting and unusual.)

From big food to bigger adventures, Disneyland’s Marvel experiences are indeed shaping up to be the most ambitious crossover event in history.