The family that travels together, stays together.

Family at Cinderella's Castle
Credit: Courtesy of The Bucket List Family/ @thebucketlistfamily

The famous “bucket list” family has just checked the final box of their “30 Stays in 30 Days” challenge in the most magical place on earth: Disney World, of course.

The Gee Family, also known as Garrett and Jessica Gee and their two kids — Dorothy, 4, and Manilla, 3, — sold most of their possessions and have been traveling the world for the last two years.

This past June, the family marked a milestone with their 100th trip (a three week stay in South Africa).

But for the past month, the family has been checking off each day with a new adventure in Disney World. Part of the challenge was for the family to stay at a different resort every day for the entire month. The trip was sponsored by Disney.

As if a month-long Disney vacation wasn’t special enough, the family’s son and youngest child, Manilla, also turned three years old during the trip.

Family at Cinderella's Castle
Credit: Courtesy of The Bucket List Family/@thebucketlistfamily

The family’s travels aren’t all fun and games, however. They also started a charity called Pin Pals, which allows their followers to purchase custom pins from each country they visit and contribute to the family’s volunteer efforts around the world.

As the kids grow older, the family says some different adventures may be on the horizon. “Dorothy now wants to go to school and join a soccer team,” she says, “so we wonder, ‘Should we settle down so she can do that? Or try to find schools and soccer teams along the way?’ We’re not sure,” Jessica Gee told People.

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