Epcot Disney World Magic Kingdom Florida
Credit: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Blame it on Goofy.

There are plenty of iconic sights to enjoy at Walt Disney World. Cinderella Castle Magic glistens under fireworks every night, Animal Kingdom’s stunningly etched Tree of Life serves as a centerpiece to the unique park and Disney’s Hollywood Studios brings the magic of “Star Wars” to life.

The most-discussed attraction at the moment, though, is a limited-time surprise that isn’t even inside the parks — and costs absolutely nothing to see.

News broke across social media this week that a highway directional sign for reaching Epcot misspells the futuristic park’s name as “Epoct” — a silly error, but one that’s a shocking surprise, coming days before its 35th Anniversary on October 1.

Disney fans are freaking out over the mistake, which has slipped through unnoticed for some time unbeknownst to guests.

This hilarious error likely has its days numbered, because once the company gets wind of it, it’s bound to be replaced. So if you want to see the gaff yourself, go soon. Plenty of park celebrations are seasonal, but this one is bound to leave as quickly as it came.