By Carlye Wisel
February 06, 2017
Mariah Tyler

If you’ve been to a Disney park, you’ve enjoyed attractions on trains, boats, rockets, and adorable elephants named Dumbo. Soon, though, Walt Disney World and Disneyland rides may be running on something else entirely: your emotions.

According to the Orlando Business Journal, Disney Enterprises has introduced a "novel idea" (not quite a patent, but almost there) that would customize a guest’s ride experience based on their facial expressions. For thrill-seekers, a “camera or wearable ID device” would recognize boredom and immediately increase speed or spinning frequency, while scenery could be altered for young children who spook easily.

The patent also includes that the temperature and content of the ride could be changed for each guest’s preference, customizing the entire experience to match each person’s ideal journey, right down to understanding their motion sickness tendencies.

Disney ©

It’s hard to imagine how this technology would be implemented at the parks, as most two-passenger rides operate via Omnimover, an endless "moving walkway" that allows for rides such as Peter Pan’s Flight, Haunted Mansion, and Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin to have such large crowd capacities. If the idea applies exclusively to brand-new rides, it will be interesting to see how vehicles interact at varying speeds, especially since this advancement could make all Disney rides family friendly, or conversely, add thrills into even the mildest-seeming ones. Either way, it’s hard to ignore that an application like this would be ideal for an attraction based on Inside Out—an announcement of which would coincide perfectly with Epcot’s 35th Anniversary this October.

Will you soon be grinning from ear-to-ear in the hopes of getting your best-ever ride in? Maybe, but until then, there’s plenty to enjoy, without having adjust your face for a good time.