"There is a Garden of Eden for children here in this life."

By Erika Owen
June 28, 2016
Eli Wisel Disneyland
Credit: ABC Photo Archives/ABC via Getty Images

Way back in 1957, Elie Wiesel — author of the award-winning story Night, among others — took a trip to Disneyland with his book editor, who was visiting from Israel.

To commemorate the trip, the duo took off on a six-week road trip of the United States, with California's most popular attraction as the final destination. Atlas Obscura recently uncovered a review the author penned for Tablet, comparing the attraction to the "Garden of Eden for children." Here's a selection from Wiesel's review:

I don’t know if a Garden of Eden awaits adults in the hereafter. I do know, though, that there is a Garden of Eden for children here in this life. I know because I myself visited this paradise. I have just returned from there, just passed through its gates, just left the magical kingdom known as Disneyland. And as I bid that kingdom farewell, I understood for the first time the true meaning of the French saying ‘to leave is to die a little’ [partir, c’est mourir un peu]

Aside from Disneyland, the author also shared his thoughts on other stops along the way: Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, and an American Indian reservation in Arizona. You can read more about his entire road trip here.

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