The Tahitian Terrace Restaurant was a popular restaurant at Disneyland.

By Andrea Romano
Updated March 10, 2020
View of park goers near a sign for the Tiki Room near the entrance to Disneyland's Adventureland, Anaheim, California, August 1963.
| Credit: Walter Leporati/Getty Images

Disneyland has come a long way since it first opened in 1955. The rides, the Mickey and Minnie Mouse ears, and even the restaurant menus have changed dramatically in the last 65 years.

One prime example of this is a menu from the old Tahitian Terrace Restaurant. This Polynesian-inspired eatery was opened in 1962 and finally closed in 1993. It specialized in foods like barbecue ribs, shrimp tempura, lots of meat garnished with pineapples, and fresh fruit salads (to name a few). You could also get a Monte Cristo (Croque Monsieur). Go figure.

Twitter user @MgtyMicroscope managed to find a photo of one of the Tahitian Terrace’s old menus from the 1960s (though, the Disneyland Wiki on Fandom ages it to the 1970s).

Taking a look at this vintage menu (complete with cute drawings of grass-skirt-wearing women and colorful birds), you might be struck by a few things, starting with the selection of amazing foods: top sirloin, pork barbecue ribs, marinated chicken, and pineapple as far as the eye can see. They even had coconut-pineapple ice cream and rum cake. Then notice the prices. Oh, the prices! You could get barbecue pork back ribs, shrimp tempura, “Polynesian” vegetables, and Cantonese rice all for $3.25! That’s what we call “a deal.” The most expensive item on the menu is teriyaki-marinated sirloin with vegetables, rice, and fresh pineapple and it’s only $3.95 – what a time to be alive.

According to this CPI Inflation Calendar, $1 in 1960 was equal to $8.72 now, so we can glean that the Tahitian Terrace was actually a pretty pricey restaurant. As a fun, little comparison, here’s what $4 will get you in 2020:

  1. About one-third of a salad at any New York City eatery.
  2. Travel deodorant
  3. Two boxes of paper clips
  4. Four “dollar slices” of pizza (they really are a dollar!)
  5. Half a beer at any bar in a major city like Los Angeles or New York
  6. One and two-thirds of a McDonald’s hamburger
  7. At least one face sheet mask
  8. A pack of reusable, stainless steel straws (probably)
  9. Just under two gallons of gas, based on the U.S. average
  10. At least two packs of chewing gum.

Other Twitter users were amused by the old menu. Most of them noted the price changes and puns while also understanding the artwork is very “of its time.” Still, it would make an excellent piece of memorabilia if anyone can get their hands on a hard copy.