By Andrea Romano
May 21, 2019
New Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland
Credit: Courtesy of Disney

Sleeping Beauty’s castle is about to look even more magical.

The original Disney princess castle, Sleeping Beauty’s pink and blue palace at Disneyland in Anaheim, California, will unveil a new look on Friday, May 24, the Los Angeles Times reported.

The castle has been blocked off from visitors since January, as groups of maintenance crews have been giving it a spruce. The castle will soon feature brighter, more vibrant pink walls and blue rooftops, plus some sparkling gold shingles that look like “pixie dust,” Walt Disney World Info reported. According to the Los Angeles Times, the new look is meant to reflect the original design of the castle when the park opened in 1955.

According to the OC Register, the crews also added some artistic tricks to make the castle seem bigger. Considering that other castles at other parks are bigger and technically more “magnificent,” the crew’s job was to improve Sleeping Beauty’s appearance in order to be on par with other parks – without changing or adding to its design.

“She’s Walt’s castle so she will always stay the same,” said Walt Disney Imagineering art director Kim Irvine to the OC Register.

Basically, the crews used a painting technique that involved painting the lower parts of the 70-foot tall castle walls in darker and warmer hues of pink paint, gradually getting lighter and cooler as it goes up to the top in order to blend in with the atmosphere. This tricks the eye into thinking the object in front of them is larger or taller than it is.

The stones on the castle got a few new coats of paint for a more spruced up texture, and gold leaf trimmings around the building were replaced. The roof shingles were also replaced for the first time since 1955 with brand new, diamond-shaped cedar wood pieces, the OC Register reported.

In addition, the grounds of the castle also got some new plants and landscaping to fit the new paint job. Pink roses will accent the building and rosemary will grow along the castle moat, according to the OC Register.

With all this work that had to be done, it’s miraculous that the area didn’t have to be covered with tarps and scaffolds. Walt would definitely not approve of that. Instead, according to the Los Angeles Times, a scrim was erected on the scaffold, depicting a beautiful painting of the castle, originally made by Disney artist Herb Ryman.

With the new Star Wars land opening at the park at the end of the month, this fresh, new renovation comes just in time for park goers to experience some Disney magic this summer.