Take your next call from Andy's bedroom in "Toy Story."

By Stacey Leasca
April 09, 2020
Credit: © Disney/Pixar

Life as we know it has come to a screeching halt. As the world attempts to fight off the Coronavirus, people have been asked to socially distance — which includes working and learning from home — and to stay away from all of our favorite places. However, destinations are hoping to bring a few smiles to people’s faces as well as their newly implemented Zoom meetings with custom-made backgrounds. And now, those destinations include animated Disney movie locations.

Credit: © Disney/Pixar

“Ever wish you could immerse yourself in a Pixar movie? Well, now you can! With video calls and meetings on the rise, Pixar Animation Studios wanted to share a little fun to brighten up your next chat,” Disney shared in an announcement. “Now, you can choose a backdrop from your favorite Pixar movie and ensure your next video chat will take you to infinity and beyond!

The new backgrounds include the iconic walls of Andy’s room in "Toy Story," which comes with the puffy little cloud wallpaper and all.

Credit: © Disney/Pixar

Fans of the "Incredibles" can also download and use the mansion backdrop from "Incredibles 2." And, those who want a more down-home feel can download and use the house Carl and Ellie built together in "Up," or get cooking by choosing the kitchen background from "Ratatouille."

But that’s not all. Disney is also offering up free Zoom backgrounds from "Brave," "Finding Nemo," "A Bug’s Life," "Monsters Inc.," "Cars," and more. To download backgrounds via mobile all you need to do is find the image you’d like to download. Then, use your finger to hold down the image and select add to Photos. Check out all the options for free Disney Zoom backgrounds on its website now. 

Credit: © Disney/Pixar

Want even more Zoom background fun? Check out a few travel-inspired backgrounds so you can pretend to be taking your calls from just about anywhere. And if you're looking for someone new to call on Zoom, Airbnb just launched online experiences that'll give you some serious face time with goats in New York.