By Andrea Romano
April 22, 2019
David Roark/Courtesy of Disney

One of the best things about going to Disney World has to be the food. With so many gourmet concoctions, unique treats, and delicious, old-fashioned park food, it’s pretty much impossible to walk away from the most magical place on earth hungry. But if you’re vegan, finding the right foods while you’re out and about can be tricky.

Disney World has now released a guide to the best vegan and vegetarian options in the Magic Kingdom, making it easier for people with plant-based diets to navigate the park at mealtime.

It comes as no surprise that the Magic Kingdom is finding new ways to cater to different customer bases. Back in 2018, the Disney World in Orlando started giving adults some new ways to enjoy the park by offering alcohol within the Magic Kingdom for the first time.

Kent Phillips/Courtesy of Disney

The new guide, “Disney Plant-Based Cuisine Spring 2019,” lays out the tastiest treats in the Magic Kingdom, organized by which “land” you can find them in. Vegan options are noted with a leaf icon, which notes that they are free of meat, dairy, eggs, and honey. (The guide itself can be found on the Walt Disney World blog.)

Even if you’re not vegan, the options look both plentiful and hunger-inducing. Some of the most enticing vegan dishes include Thai noodles or black bean chips with pineapple jalapeno hummus in Adventureland, a pineapple float in Aloha Isle, and plant-based meat substitutes like meatloaf in Liberty Square and a Southwest burger in Frontierland.

The guide also notes which restaurants are quick service, table service, or available for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Matt Stroshane/Courtesy of Disney

Guests can pick up a pamphlet at any table service or quick service location, as well as any Guest Experience Team kiosk, Guest Relations, and Liberty Square Ticket Office.